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Intro to Yoga -  New To Yoga Level 1

Start simple, slow and safe.  This series is designed to be watched in order, progressing slowly, and informing you of "why" and "how" we do each pose/stretch.


5 Different 35-40min classes

Refresh your understanding of the fundamentals.  We'll progress slowly while staying safe as we gently ease into movement, balance and stretch. 

Foundations of Yoga  -  Beginner Level 1-2


8 Different 40-50min classes

Review the foundations as we link postures with breath, flow, movement and stretching.  Feel rejuvenated after class!  

Gentle Flow Yoga  Level 3


8 Different 50-60min classes

Energetic classes using creative flowing sequences to generate heat within the body, increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Have fun, be challenged!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga  -  Level 3-4


8 Different 60min classes

These challenging classes will challenge your view of a "core workout" and work many other muscles too!  Prepare to work hard! *Not suitable for beginners

Core Core Core  Level 3+


3 Different 30min classes

Get moving with your kids!  This playful and insightful video designed to help burn energy, boost confidence and build concentration.

Kids Yoga

Prenatal Gentle Yoga

Practicing yoga while pregnant is one of the best ways to connect to your baby, keep your body moving safely and help the mind stay clear.  Go at your own pace.









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